May 192015
Four years on the web

While I was pootling around underground in Mexico, this website passed its fourth anniversary. Four years since I spent a weekend setting up web hosting and nervously publishing my first photo and article. I didn’t tell anyone what I’d done for fear of early criticism sinking the whole grand idea. As I said two years ago I was afraid of having one of those two-post blogs, where the second post was about not having much to say “but be sure to check back soon!”. To avoid this I wrote my first dozen articles well before I posted the first one. For most of 2011 I had a 10 article buffer that slowly became a 6 article buffer followed shortly after [read more…]

Jun 042012

Don’t be fooled by the video above….it’s actually a series of photographs. I took this timelapse of the Milky Way spinning through the Australian night sky while camping on the Roe Plains. After a productive day of diving, we returned to camp, stoked up the fire, and settled in to tell tall stories. Despite the crystal clear skies, it was a warm night and I wandered down the track to find a good vantage point for the camera. The warm evening meant I didn’t have to worry about dew settling on the camera, although I did use a small drybag as protection from any unforeseen change in the weather. In this video you can see the shadows of the trees [read more…]

May 302012

And now for something slightly different… Neil Armstrong was part of a three man team that flew to the moon in 1969, and was the first person to step onto the lunar surface. In the 43 years since, he’s given very few interviews and avoided the public eye. In an interesting twist, he recently agreed to talk to the CPA. The CPA is the professional body for accountants in Australia, and as their CEO explains, Armstrong’s dad was an auditor. With that inside knowledge and a little persuasion, they managed to convince the elusive hero to speak to them, and the camera. With my interest in exploration, extremes and risk taking, I found the four-part interview fascinating viewing. Watching the archival [read more…]

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Apr 292012

This week marks twelve months since I began posting weekly photo articles on this site. In that time I’ve been lucky to visit caves and dive sites across Australia, and it’s been great to share some of my favourite shots. In recent months I’ve dived Jenolan and McCavity Caves in New South Wales, finally achieved sunbeams in the Shaft in Mt Gambier, and travelled to the Nullarbor and Roe Plains to dive virgin tunnels. I’ve also just returned from a trip to tropical Papua New Guinea, courtesy of Lissenung Island Resort and the Underwater Festival. My latest photos from this trip have just been uploaded, and can be seen here.   My posting schedule of a weekly article hasn’t quite [read more…]