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Liz Rogers I’m a Australian cave diver, with a particular interest in lugging large amount of camera equipment into beautiful underwater caves. By taking photos of these unique areas, I hope to have an easier reply to the eternal question: You do what? Why??

Based in Melbourne, I did my cave diving courses with the Cave Diver’s Association of Australia in the Mt Gambier region. A 5 hour drive west from Melbourne, regular weekend trips provide perfect opportunities for underwater cave photography in crystal clear freshwater. In Australia I’ve taken photos in the caves of the Nullarbor and Roe Plains in Western Australia, the justifiably famous Jenolan Caves in NSW, a volcanic diatreme in far north Queensland and the chilly river caves of Tasmania. Overseas jaunts to the south of France and Sistema Huautla in the Mexican mountains have been very photographically productive. Pre-camera, trips to Florida and Mexico’s Yucatan caves have made me determined to get back there and capture some images.

When the winds and swell co-operate, I enjoy diving in the salty stuff out of Queenscliff, Portsea, Phillip Island and Torquay. And living near a temperate ocean means the occasional winter trip to the tropics is practically mandatory.

Prints of my photography can be purchased here, and for those who are interested in the gear I’m using, there’s some more info here. While some of my photos are easy to understand, others benefit from a bit of explanation to fully appreciate what you’re looking at. To this end I post an article each week, and hope you enjoy reading a bit more about what’s in the shot, and what it took to get the shot. My blog posts are now quite numerous so a guide to what’s what sorted by location can be found here.

Want to get in touch? Send me an email at liz@lizrogersphotography.com or using the form below.




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