Aug 272012
Rebreathers and Restrictions in Tank Cave

About the site As I mentioned two weeks ago, when Dive Rite announced their annual photo competition, a weekend in Tank Cave seemed like the obvious place to take some shots of Dive Rite gear in action. I was lucky enough to win third prize against some very nice shots. Some of my other submitted shots from that weekend didn’t make the final, and luckily I’m the only judge on my own site. I love this pair of shots, and the first one definitely deserves a little explanation. About the dive Having brow beaten my buddies into wearing all their Dive Rite gear and none of the rest, we had a lovely series of dives over the weekend while also doing [read more…]

Aug 202012

About the site I dived in Murra-el-Elevyn cave in Easter this year, and wrote up one of my favourite shots from our dive here. Compared to the other Nullarbor caves, Murra has smaller, shallower passages with red, orange and pink walls. The limestone scalloping and shapes in the rock make for stunning pictures. The remote location means its rarely dived and when we arrived the water was crystal clear. About the dive In total we had four dives over three diving days in Murra. Of these, I spent two taking still photos, one exploring small nooks and crannies (camera free!) and one taking video footage. The aim of the video dive was to find the end of a side tunnel [read more…]

Aug 132012
Dive Rite Photo Competition 2012

About the site I’ve talked about and shown photos from Tank Cave multiple times. With kilometres of beautiful, varied and shallow passages its a photographer’s delight in a relatively easily accessible location. When Dive Rite announced their annual photo competition, a weekend in Tank Cave seemed like the obvious place to take some shots of Dive Rite gear in action. About the dive This was the first dive of the weekend, as I wanted to take advantage of clear water throughout the system for the best photos. While 8kms of passage between 12 divers seems like a lot, there are some great shots to be taken in the regularly travelled places. By the last dives of a weekend these locations will be milky from the [read more…]

Aug 062012
Trip preparation

I regret to admit that I’ve been caught on the hop with this post. With an upcoming trip to some promising cave territory in Queensland, the usual amount of planning and preparation has been going on. One of the logistical challenges has been getting the required amount of diving, caving and camping gear across 3,000kms to a remote part of northern Australia. Last week this crystallised into a plan, which recrystallised on Friday into a plan that involved being fully packed by Monday night. With a weekend in Mount Gambier cave diving, the number of available hours between committing to the timeframe and having to have everything in boxes became a lot shorter. As such, I have no carefully thought [read more…]