Jun 262013
Prints on Sale

It’s that time of year again, and I thought I should get in on the End of Financial Year act. So for this week only, I’m offering 20″ x 30″ (that’s inches, or 50cm x 75cm) prints for only $50. That’s a quarter of the normal price! This applies to any of my shots that will support the size. If there’s a shot that’s taken your fancy and a blank space on your wall, drop me an email at liz@lizrogersphotography.com. Below are a few images to stir your imagination. To grab this special pricing you must have selected and paid for your print by 5pm Saturday, Melbourne time. The price includes free postage within Australia and international postage is only [read more…]

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Jun 242013
Weedy seadragon portrait under Flinders Pier

About the site Flinders Pier is known for weedy seadragons and it would be rare to dive there and not see one. It can be a very shallow dive – I’ve spent an hour underwater at low tide and not been deep enough to turn my dive computer on. The pier is a great dive when the wind is blowing from the west as it’s on the other side of the Mornington Peninsula and sheltered when Mornington and Rye Piers are exposed. About the dive I dived at Flinders on the long weekend Monday. The conditions were dead flat up top. Underwater the vis was milky but there wasn’t much floating sand, and the water temperature was finally down to [read more…]

Jun 172013
Elk River in Flood

We were back in Elk River Cave this weekend just gone, with big plans and lots of tasks on the to do list. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas with torrential rains from Thursday. We entered the cave on Saturday morning with a huge pile of gear to find the water level was only slightly raised in the first bit of the streamway – good news. After changing from dry caving gear into dive gear we headed off down the stream towards the first sump…only to find the first roof sniff had become a dive. The dry cavers left us at that point and the diving team of five continued to sump one. From the second roof sniff to sump [read more…]

Jun 102013
Photographer of the Year competition

For the last couple of years I have entered photos into the World Shootout, an underwater photo competition where the photos you enter can be taken anywhere in the world within the competition month of August. August puts me at a bit of a disadvantage as it’s midwinter here and the ocean diving weather is normally terrible. As such my cave photography has dominated my entries, competing with cute clownfish and other expressive marine life. Following the World Shootout, there’s an onsite competition at Eilat in the Red Sea later in the year. Putting the photographers in the same diving location levels the playing field and I would love to join in! To that end I was very happy to [read more…]

Jun 032013
The Shaving Brush in McCavity

About the cave While I did get a dive in over this weekend just past, a crappy weather forecast led me to leave the camera behind. In reality I should have taken it as the vis and the ocean conditions were fine. But I didn’t, and I find myself with no update for you this morning, so I’ve gone back to the archives to look for an interesting photo that hasn’t had exposure up here yet. I dived in McCavity Cave (the wet bit of Limekiln Cave) up at Wellington back in early 2012, guided by the fantastic Greg Ryan. I talked about it at the time in the post here, noting how the cave was larger, darker and milkier [read more…]