Jun 102013

Competition entry

For the last couple of years I have entered photos into the World Shootout, an underwater photo competition where the photos you enter can be taken anywhere in the world within the competition month of August. August puts me at a bit of a disadvantage as it’s midwinter here and the ocean diving weather is normally terrible. As such my cave photography has dominated my entries, competing with cute clownfish and other expressive marine life.

Weedy seadragon entry

Following the World Shootout, there’s an onsite competition at Eilat in the Red Sea later in the year. Putting the photographers in the same diving location levels the playing field and I would love to join in! To that end I was very happy to make the finals of the online monthly competition that runs through the first half of the year. The winner will be selected from the fifteen finalists, partly by judges and partly by public vote – that’s where you come in.

If you have a moment to spare, please click through to the voting page here. You may recognise my photo in the top left corner, and if you select it the next page shows the other two shots in my portfolio as seen here, and also reveals the “vote for this photos” button. You will have to quickly register to vote, but you won’t get any email spam from these guys.

Even if you’re not into voting, take a minute to check out the finalist’s photos as there are some really beautiful shots in the collection. Fingers crossed that mine stand up to the challenge!

That page again: Eilat Red Sea voting.

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