Apr 292012

This week marks twelve months since I began posting weekly photo articles on this site. In that time I’ve been lucky to visit caves and dive sites across Australia, and it’s been great to share some of my favourite shots. In recent months I’ve dived Jenolan and McCavity Caves in New South Wales, finally achieved sunbeams in the Shaft in Mt Gambier, and travelled to the Nullarbor and Roe Plains to dive virgin tunnels. I’ve also just returned from a trip to tropical Papua New Guinea, courtesy of Lissenung Island Resort and the Underwater Festival. My latest photos from this trip have just been uploaded, and can be seen here.


My posting schedule of a weekly article hasn’t quite been able to keep up with the 50 photo dives I’ve done so far this year, and there are some great shots lined up that I look forward to sharing with you over the coming months. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep up with the site, you can subscribe to the email list to receive these articles in your inbox. Alternatively, you can use RSS to subscribe and get the articles in your preferred RSS Reader. New photos and articles will continue to go up on Monday morning, Australian time.


Here’s to another year of underwater fun – dive safe!

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