Jul 122016
Split shots in Timorese air chambers

One of the features of Timor is the very soft limestone that I talked about last week. As well as exploding cave ceilings, this also leads to large breakdown piles in the cave tunnels. Which means that the big blue passages are periodically interrupted by collapses both underwater and above. As you can see from these shots, air chambers provide a whole new playground for cave photography. Taking split shots in the ocean means waiting for very calm days or finding sheltered spots. Underground, in a place completely enclosed by rock, there’s no need to worry about the weather rippling the surface. When the divers are still the water surface is completely flat. With a rock to stand on and not [read more…]

Oct 042015
Cave Diving Kupang, Timor

Timor! I have just finished my third annual trip to the karst region of West Timor. In 2013 following some of Stefan Eberhard’s research, Stefan and I went for a quick reconnaissance trip. We spent a lot of time driving around and looking at dry holes in the tropical sun before finding our way into a major underwater system. On the last day we laid half a kilometre of line into massive blue tunnel with crystal clear water beckoning us on. It was enough of a high that organisation for the next trip began pretty quickly. In mid 2014 myself and five others headed back to the same area for further investigations. The first dive to continue the master tunnel [read more…]

Sep 102014
Shooting into the Indonesian Sun

About the dives As you might have gathered from the last three weeks of posting, I had some great dives through Komodo and Alor on the Arenui. The water was warm and clear, the little fish were plentiful and the corals were healthy. There’s only so many ways to say – the diving was very nice! – so today I thought I’d talk about these photos instead. About the photos Clear water and bright sunny days up top creates pluses and minuses for wide angle photography. One of the definite advantages is that up in the shallows when the surface is calm you can capture these incredible sun rays. The key to good rays is a fast shutter speed and [read more…]

Sep 242012
Dive Trip Planning

Sometimes I think that the planning and anticipation of future dive trips is the best part of the whole process. Then I remember that the diving is pretty good too, which leads to more anticipation. As such, I’m very excited to be diving from The Arenui in the seas of Indonesia, from August 6th to 19th, 2014 with Liquid Diving Adventures. The Arenui provides a luxurious setting for divers keen to experience the remote and pristine waters of Indonesia. On this 14 day trip I’m hoping to encounter big pelagic life, and hopefully get up close and personal with a manta ray or three. As with all wildlife diving, there are no guarantees, but I know if it’s not mantas we [read more…]