Sep 242012

Dolphins off Layang Layang

Sometimes I think that the planning and anticipation of future dive trips is the best part of the whole process. Then I remember that the diving is pretty good too, which leads to more anticipation.

As such, I’m very excited to be diving from The Arenui in the seas of Indonesia, from August 6th to 19th, 2014 with Liquid Diving Adventures. The Arenui provides a luxurious setting for divers keen to experience the remote and pristine waters of Indonesia. On this 14 day trip I’m hoping to encounter big pelagic life, and hopefully get up close and personal with a manta ray or three. As with all wildlife diving, there are no guarantees, but I know if it’s not mantas we will see some other amazing sights.

Leaving from Maumere and sailing through the Flores Seas around Komodo, this trip is going to cover everything from huge walls dropping into the depths to weird critters and muck diving. There’s also a shore visit to check out the Komodo dragons, and a dive through the bubbles coming through the seafloor from a nearby volcano. All of this should make for some stunning photo opportunities and I can’t wait to get out there.

If you’re interested in joining me, get in touch with Greg at Liquid Diving Adventures. 2014 means plenty of time to plan and save up – no excuses for missing out on this awesome trip.

In addition to trip planning, I’ve had a busy few months recently. You might have seen my photos in the last edition of Alert Diver, the DAN North American member publication. Keep an eye out for the next edition too, which has my article on cave diving photography and some more great shots. I was also very happy to place third in the annual Dive Rite photo competition, and my photo of Kilsby’s Sinkhole graced the cover of the last edition of the CDAA’s Guidelines.

Through August I’ve been shooting photos for the Epson World Shootout. This was only slightly hampered by having 90% of my dive gear in transit to and from Camooweal for most of the month. I submitted a couple of Camooweal shots to the shootout, but regrettably the freshwater category has disappeared since last year and I didn’t make the semi finals for wide angle photography. The reason I know those shots aren’t in the semis is because some of my wreck shots from PNG earlier in the year have been shortlisted in the Wrecks of the World category. Final judging is in November…fingers crossed.

With my gear arriving back from Camooweal last week, I was also able to jump in the water this weekend and grab some shots to enter into the 2012 Underwater Festival. This annual competition runs throughout September so I’ll be taking some images for the freshwater category in Mt Gambier next weekend too. After last year’s success in the freshwater category netting me a trip to Lissenung Island Resort, I’m feeling the pressure this year! I’m also looking forward to diving in Thailand over Christmas, and hoping to photograph both manta rays and (if I’m very lucky) whale sharks in the Similan Islands.

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