Oct 222012
Green water in One Tree Sinkhole

About the site One Tree Sinkhole is near some of the other famous holes in the Mt Gambier region, and gets dived regularly. The caves in Mt Gambier may not be as extensive or as decorated as those in Florida or Mexico, but the large and impressive sinkholes are truly world class. I’ve shown a few shots from Picaninnie Ponds and Kilsby’s Sinkhole which both have incredibly clear water. The clear water means sunlight and rays deep into the water. The less-talked about sinkholes in Gambier aren’t so clear. On the greener side of the fence there are a few shallower caverns, like Two Sisters, Earl’s Cave and Goulden’s. The deeper holes include One Tree, Ela Elap and Little Blue, [read more…]

Mar 192012
Harvester in One Tree Sinkhole

About the site One Tree Sinkhole is located to the south east of Mt Gambier, near Little Blue and other sinkholes in the area. Unlike the crystal clear visibility of Kilsby’s Sinkhole, it can be quite murky. The shallow layers of water are often warmer and have a greenish tinge from the algal growth. After breaking through into the deeper, colder and hopefully clearer water, sunlight only filters down very dimly. One Tree has a classic sinkhole formation with the shallowest area being the middle of the hole, dropping steeply away to deeper areas around the edge. The natural rockpile in the middle has been augmented by a variety of farm implements and other items disposed of over the years. [read more…]