Feb 042013
Split shots in Engelbrechts Wests

About the cave Engelbrecht’s Cave run right under Mt Gambier itself, with houses and roads sitting over the cave up on the surface. They’re also a tourist attraction with excellent coffee and an hourly cave tour during the day. Being closer to town means there’s a little more substrate on top of the water table, and thus a few more stairs on the way down to the dive. We were diving Engelbrecht’s West on this occasion, which has a first sump leading through to an internal dry chamber with three more short underwater tunnels radiating off it. I’ve taken split shots in the chamber before, partly because it’s nice and peaceful – no tourists to disturb you on the other [read more…]

Oct 312011
Split shots in Engelbrecht's Cave

About the cave Unlike other caves in the area, Engelbrechts Cave is located in the middle of Mt Gambier and the system runs under several streets and houses. There are two different water filled entrances, known as Engelbrechts East and Engelbrechts West. As you travel closer towards Mt Gambier, the water level is further below the ground. This means that while caves like Pines and Tank Cave only require a few steps down a 5m drop to access the water, Engelbrechts has significantly more stairs. When combined with 50kg of dive gear, the stairs present a bit of a challenge and these caves don’t get dived as often as they otherwise might. Visitors are also able to go on tours [read more…]