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I’m both amazed at how quickly Oztek seems to have come around again, and amazed at how many dive trips to exciting places I’ve managed to achieve since last Oztek. Oztek 2015 is on the 14th & 15th of March at Australian Technology Park in Sydney. As with Oztek 2013 I’ll be speaking. This time around my talk is around the joys and challenges of models in photos. I’ll be discussing about how to work with your dive buddies, persuade them to pull happy faces, and find the angle that looks heroic amid the chaos. The speaker schedule is now out and I’ll be in Room 6B on Saturday at 10am.

I’m also looking forward to having a chat on stage with the famous Michael Menduno on topics as yet unknown. That one’s on Sunday arvo at 3.15 in the main auditorium.

Between those two scheduled appearances and when I’m not listening intently to the other excellent talks, I will be hanging out on the DKG Drysuits/rEvo Oz stall. Damo has very kindly offered me a bit of wall space and a bit of tabletop to display some prints for sale. If you’re wandering the floor and looking for someone to talk to about photos and cameras, come and see me! And if you happen to want a new drysuit or rebreather while you’re there, Damo can assist.

I’m taking advantage of some stall space to offer some prints for sale at steep discounts to my usual pricing. I will have 8″ x 12″ prints for $25, 12″ x 18″ prints for $50 and 20″ x 30″ prints for just $100. If you’ve been considering making your walls more interesting, now’s the time. I am taking preorders on the show specials as I will have limited stock available on the day. To take advantage of this offer prints need to be ordered and paid for before Feb 28th, and they must be picked up at Oztek. Drop me an email at liz@lizrogersphotography.com and let me know which images take your fancy and in which sizes.

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