Jan 072013

Instead of showcasing just two images this week, I thought I’d share my curated selection from last week’s trip to Thailand with you. Over the course of six days I did 22 dives as we sailed north and west from Phuket to the Similan and Surin Islands on board the MV Giamani. The water was warm, the vis was great, the fish were abundant, and the liveaboard routine of dive-eat-sleep-repeat was excellent. Ricardo’s tolerance of photographers and their speed underwater (slooooow) was fantastic and much appreciated.

I was able to get some good experimentation in with my new macro lens, so I’ll be able to share some of my discoveries of very small marine life with you. There was also some larger marine life that I was glad not to get close to for good shots, like the cranky moray eel we encountered on a night dive seen above snarling at the camera. And on the way home from Richelieu Rock we did five dives at three different wrecks, all swarming in fish.

It was a fantastic trip to the tropics and a nice change from the local drysuit diving. For those keen on diving in warmer climes with a million fish I’d happily recommend the Giamani and the six day trip we did. Over the next few weeks I’ll run through some of the shots I really enjoyed taking. It was a great way to close out 2012, and here’s hoping for more diving, more photos and more fun throughout 2013.

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