Oct 282014

Pines CCR

Weekend before last was the CDAA AGM and associated talks and dinner in Mt Gambier. After giving a talk on my evolution from cave diving to sump diving over the last ten years and listening a bunch of excellent presentations from the other speakers, it was great to get in the water on Sunday. Steve and I headed to Pines, a site I haven’t visited much since finishing my Tank pre-requisite dives some years ago. My Pines dives in the intervening time have mostly been with cave-rated buddies or for gear checkouts and involved photos of sunlight in the main cavern. So it was nice to be back, on the rebreather and headed for the Crazy Czech’s Room. Steve was on open circuit with a whole bunch of tanks and we planned for a nice long dive.

Picking up CCR stages

I have previously taken some moderately average photos of my Dad in the CC Room, that didn’t inspire me enough to both posting them to the website. The rocks in there are not particularly attractive – an absence of strong lines and a blah off white colour with scratches from passing divers.

We did reel into this pretty little side room slightly deeper down, which was a much better photographic prospect. The colours here are much more cheerful and it feels a bit more cave like. I also like the piles of silt resting on the rocks, although I could do without the damage to the rocks along the wall. The rock here is fairly cheesey and it’s easy to see where divers have investigated potential leads or just smacked the wall with fins as they turned around. On the other hand, the wall marks do make it easier to see where potential explorers have already been, and reduce the need to wedge yourself into small holes and add to the mess.

The second shot here was taken as we headed back out of the room into the main portion of the CCR. With Steve reeling I could anticipate his arrival along the line and find a good spot for framing. I like the rocks here on the left and the effect of the strobes through slightly milky water below. From this angle the wall scratching included in the frame is minimal. While headlights can be a pain in the behind some of the time, the headlight-in-the-middle-of-the-silhouette effect is one that I’m coming to appreciate more.

Oct 212014
Resupplying tanks into Elk River

After a trip over to Eurotek to talk about Elk River, and a couple of cancelled trips where for various reasons we didn’t get in the cave, it felt like it was time to go caving rather than talk about it. Our last trip into the cave was a push trip back in winter, where high water levels led to a sporting trip home back up the waterfalls. Steve and I laid some line and we also used a lot of tanks. Too many to carry out in one go – some of those empties were still in the cave. So this trip was to both retrieve the empties and [read more...]

Oct 172014
Diving the Lot - the Cregol

This was the best dive of the trip. You’ll have to excuse me for adding far too many photos to this post because I just can’t choose between them. Duncan and I headed off to the Cregol with our rebreathers while the rest of the team headed for Landenouse (which requires ropes to get in to). Unfortunately they ended up diving back at St Savaeur again due to divers at Landenouse, while Duncan and I had a brilliant day at the Cregol. The Cregol has an entrance restriction into the small and short first sump, followed by a large-ish dry chamber and a deep second sump. The second sump meant [read more...]

Oct 142014
Diving the Lot - Ressel 2

Ressel 2 seems to be a good back up plan for divers in the Lot when the parking at the Ressel is full of minivans on your arrival. The dive is similar to the Ressel in that it starts in a river, stays shallow for the early parts and then jumps down a deep shaft. However the vis was not as good and the cave walls a bit darker – I can see why this is the number 2 cave in comparison. After swimming across the river upstream into the gentle current we found a rock or two to sit on and waited for Georg to find the entrance. On [read more...]

Oct 102014
Diving the Lot - St Georges

Fontain de St Georges was one of what I was expecting as a “typical” Lot cave – large tunnels with dark and slightly milky water. The vis was average at the beginning but cleared up as we progressed down the tunnel. From the large entrance pool it heads straight down to 30m depth before getting larger, clearer and gently sloping up. With Ken off to Tolouse to fetch Forrest and Tom packing up for his trip home to Germany, I only had three models in the water. This made handling the murky water in the larger tunnel easier, as I could get the divers closer to the camera without cutting [read more...]

Oct 072014
2015 Calendars for Sale

I’m going to interrupt my current tales of France to let you know that I have just put my 2015 Calendars on sale. There is both a cave version and an ocean version, and both are beautiful – the photo above is August in the cave calendar. The photo pages are A4 (approx 12″ x 8″) with the dates grid below. This year prices are just $30 per calendar plus $5 postage in Australia. International postage is $15. To order send me an email at liz@lizrogersphotography.com with your postal address. I accept payments by PayPal, also to liz@lizrogersphotography.com Here’s a slideshow of the calendar pages in the caves calendar. If you’re [read more...]

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