May 062013
Two years on the web

I paid an unexpected bill for web hosting this week, and realised that this post marks the second anniversary for this website. Given I was afraid to start until I had ten pre-written articles for fear I’d spend a lot of time setting up a site and then not be able to create enough content, I’ve come a long way! This post is my 118th article, each with a couple of photos and some thoughts on how they were taken. If anything my diving has become more regular and it’s rare that I’m not in the water at least once a week. Most Mondays I’m therefore well placed to write up the best shots from my last dive or two. [read more…]

Feb 272012
One year on

Agnes Milowka A year ago today, Ag passed away while cave diving. I miss her. In the weeks and months after she died, I learned a lot about grief. To start with it was impossible to forget that she wasn’t here any more, or to think about anything else. I talked repetitively about her life and her death to friends who were kind enough to listen. Getting distracted by day to day living meant that when I stopped thinking about the task at hand I would suddenly remember that she was gone. It was like walking into a brick wall each time, over and over again. Constantly holding my grief front of mind seemed easier than the repeated shock of [read more…]