Dec 262011
Clownfish at Layang Layang

About the island Layang Layang is a small coral atoll located in the South China Sea, about 300km north west of Borneo. Officially part of Malaysia, the island houses a Malayasian Navy Base and the Layang Layang Island Resort. Available activities include diving on the coral wall that drops 2000m into the depths, and jogging up and down the airstrip (safe, as the plane only lands three mornings a week). Being so small, Layang Layang is a place you go for diving, eating and sleeping, and this is facilitated by the schedule. After a wake up call and first breakfast, the first dive is followed by second breakfast, the second dive, lunch, the third dive and then afternoon tea. A [read more…]

Aug 292011
Hammerhead Sharks at Layang Layang

About the island As I’ve mentioned before, Layang Layang is a small coral atoll in the South China Sea, northwest off the coast of Malaysian Borneo. With 30 degree water, visibility in excess of 40m and a reef that drops 2000m into the blue depths, the diving is spectacular. One of the key drawcards for Layang Layang is that as an oceanic atoll, it sees a lot of big pelagic fish stopping by. Dogtooth tuna and several kinds of barracuda were common sightings. Trevally would shoot through the reef at high speed, scattering schools of tiny purple reef fish as they hunted. For me, the real attraction was the chance to see schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks. With shark populations [read more…]

Jul 252011
Turtles in sunlight at Layang Layang

About the island Layang Layang is a diver’s paradise, with huge walls dropping off the side of the reef into the blue ocean depths. The isolated location mean the fish life is prolific, with colourful reef fish hovering between the coral and pelagic fish shooting through at speed. Excellent visibility in the warm tropical waters and huge amounts of life led to a large number of photos over the 20 dives of our trip. I had a good time experimenting with a number of new techniques and other things I hadn’t consciously played with before. The advantage of a dive trip like this for me is that you can download and review your shots after each dive, note any difficulties [read more…]