May 312016

Pics in green water

It’s been a little quiet here on the website, which is a good indicator that I’ve been ridiculously busy. I have some exciting upcoming plans and there’s been a lot of travel logistics to arrange. I’ve also just realised that my website passed its five year anniversary while I wasn’t looking. Two hundred and forty four posts later, I haven’t run out of inane things to say about photos. Looking back through the archives gives me a great sense of satisfaction in how far both my underwater photography and my ability to write about it has developed. If you’re thinking of creating a more comprehensive online record of your photos than Facebook provides, I can highly recommend getting started on a site of your own.

Backscatter in Piccaninnie Ponds

Today’s photos are from spending the weekend before last in Mt Gambier with my parents. After a number of attempts to go ocean diving, only to be foiled by terrible weather, it was nice to get some decent dives done. We splashed into Pics on Saturday morning expecting good things. But in spite of the early morning spot and recent good weather the vis was both green and spotty. There didn’t seem to be much fresh water flooding up out of the Chasm or the bottom of the Cathedral. I guess lower pressure in the springs means the green water just sits in the diveable space.

The green tinge made for an interesting first dive of the weekend as I tried to balance lighting the front of the shot with avoiding backscatter. I was also trialling a new set of triggerfish remote strobe sensors, which did a remarkable job of picking up the very dim on camera flashes.

I like these two shots because in both cases I’ve managed to separate the dressed-in-black diver from a dark background. I love the way the lighting accentuates the shapes of the rock. And I love the feeling I had on this dive, with the tranquility of being back in freshwater after a few dives fighting the wind and the waves.

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