Dec 232013

Ornate ghost pipefish by Liz Rogers

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and happy holidays to everyone! I’m excited to be heading off to the Philippines in two day’s time, diving at Atlantis Resort Dumaguete on a trip sponsored by Diversion Dive Travel. Dirk at Diversion has been extraordinarily helpful with all the details of the trip, especially when it turned out that a change in the Philippines Airlines sports baggage policy meant my rEvo wouldn’t be able to come. So I will be back on open circuit for a week of critter spotting. I spent last night in the garage putting together a singles reg for a yoke tank – I must be going the tropics.

I’ve also discovered that there’s no in seat entertainment on Philippines Airlines, so I’ll be spending the 7 hour flight contemplating the photos I hope to take. Dumaguete is known for its crazy critters from ornate ghost pipefish (the one above is from Orca Dive Lovina, Bali taken back in September) to squat lobsters to pygmy seahorses. And maybe if I’m really lucky a whaleshark will swim past. Even luckier will be if its the dive I have the wide angle lens on the camera. Fingers crossed!

I believe the internet is well connected over there which will be a nice change from some previous destinations, and I hope to add a few updates over the 7 days of diving. In the meantime I wish you a very happy holiday season, wherever you may be diving.

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