Feb 212013

Just a quick reminder that Weebubbie Cave will be featuring on the ABC’s Catalyst program, airing tonight at 8pm – set your reminders now!

I dived with Anja from Catalyst and filmed in Weebubbie back in late December, and I can’t wait to see the footage on the small screen. Weebubbie is a beautiful cave with huge spaces, white walls and clear blue water. Anja’s written up her impressions of the cave in the Catalyst blog for another perspective.

For some of the photos I took on the same trip, check out the surface lake here and the “Railway Tunnel” passage here. If you’re interested in the other Nullarbor caves (including some great “back in the day” shots from the original exploration of Cocklebiddy Cave in the 1980s) have a look at some of my other images or check out cave diving across Australia here.

Weebubbie Cave Railway Tunnel.

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  1. Awesome Liz, great shots and footage

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