Olwolgin Roots

Olwolgin Cave Hanging Roots
Date Taken April 3, 2012
Copyright 1333466038
Focal Length 14
Aperture f/8
ISO 800
Shutter Speed 1/50 second
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  1. Hi Liz.
    I was looking for images of caves potentially linked to the Great Artesian Bore for a painting I’m considering, and came across this photo. It is phenomenal and I thank you for sharing it with ‘we non cavers’ as it gives a glimpse of a world my imagination can’t even hope to realise. If I continue with the painting I would like to take ideas from your photo and in doing so would certainly credit you though my painting would not seek to be photorealistic.
    Could you please advise if you have any concerns re. this?

    My thanks and my appreciation of your work

    • Hi Bernadette,

      Nice to hear from you and more than happy for this shot to be your inspiration for a painting. Good luck with it!



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